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Theatre en vol - BAU

A performance which combines the languages of physical theatre, dance theatre, urban percussion, body percussion, live music and electronic music, with both theatrical machines and accessories made out of scrap materials and a verbal and sonorous soundtrack to create an enthralling memorable, inspiring, powerful, ironic, reflective and eventful visual performance.


The resurrection, we are granted, passes through our capacity to bestow dead objects with new life. Bizarre machines, built out of scrap material, become alive and start to resonate in the hands of the skilful percussionists of the brigade of urban and human harmonisation. An employee, a worker, a female cook and a peasant, work mechanically inside the society of a very close future. The sounds they create on their bizarre machines are susceptible to produce harmony. However, being completely captured by the alienating pace of their work and the loneliness of their individualism, they are incapable of perceiving the harmonic potentiality of these sounds.

All they produce is only ‘much ado about nothing' until exhausted, they detach themselves from their imposed roles, in search of a new reason for being. After an initial moment of bewilderment, they regain their original memory, which helps them to rediscover a both human and conscious condition.


A garbage collector is the counterpoint figure to this story of alienation; within a world, which continuously produces rubbish, she creates a little realm, where rubbish gains not only value but also a new identity. This new dimension of the objects she collects amongst the rubbish, emerges from the remembrance of sounds, which lie between imagination and magic. Thanks to the input of the sounds she releases from her memory boxes, the four alienated human beings manage to regain their human dimension and to learn the art of bestowing life to objects.

Finally with the help of their new friend the former alienated workers build, before the eyes of the audience, a big and bizarre mobile sound machine, totally created out of scrap material; and together they depart in search of other worlds and human beings to ‘harmonize', after having paid tribute to the earth and its fertility.  

Directorial notes

"B.A.U. – Brigade of Urban Harmonisation" created in 2008, took inspiration from the Medi-Djinns project (an experience during which various ethnic groups with different musical cultures joined up and fused their musical approaches into Mediterranean rhythms and sounds). In the follow it was our desire to grapple with rhythm as a universal language, by creating a musical score accompanied and amplified by movement and images. This journey, in current and recurring reorientation, also results from a certain European or Western culture.


The main sources of inspiration have been:

Cinema, from Fritz Lang’s Metropolis to Chaplin; from the Wachowski Brothers with Matrix to Miller with Mad Max, up to Ridley Scott with Blade Runner.

Paintings, from Bosch to De Chirico, as well as those of less famous painters, who have all proved to be capable of expressing an apocalyptic vision of a distant, however, possible future.

Literature, from Ovid to Calvino, up to Buzzati, Asimov, Bradbury and Orwell.

The performance has toured Italy and Europe renewing itself every time we rearranged the show; new dramaturgic and scenic elements, a new cast, a constant refinement of the musical score and the search for new poetic elements allowed us to better express our point of view on modern society, or rather, on a "futuristic" society. We are firmly convinced that true hope can only reside in the human being.

Today we are still working on the transformation of the performance by developing the inclusion of the text language in the form of memories and prophecies, to intensify and clarify the meanings and the intentions of the performance.


“Theatre en Vol gives a formidable show - a combination of scrap metal installation and sound art performance, mixed with elements of dance and acrobatics. A requiem of our industrial society - the machine-man falls into an environmental-friendly utopian dream, where the remnants of the consumption society, based on mineral fuels, are rebuilt to a futuristic bicycle. The whole piece is thought-provoking, captivatingly rhythmic and astonishingly beatiful. Simply a world class performance.”

Hallandposten, Sweden  -  Bjorn Gunnarsson

Previous performances:

Un’Isola in Festival (Italian Ministry of Culture) in 8 Sardinian towns, Poubelle festival, Alghero (SS), Festival Sogni a Spazi Aperti, Marmilla (OR), Climate Change Project, Copenhagen (Denmark), Gatuter Festival, Halmstad (Sweden), Festival La Strada dei Sogni, Province of Nuoro, Festival Teatrinversus, Villasor (CA), Performers Festival, Silkeborg (Denmark), Festival Theatre City, Budva (Montenegro), Tvardjava Teatar Festival Smederevo (Serbia), Festival Teatroltre, Lamezia Terme, Festival Girovagando, Sassari, Ana Desetnica Festival, Ljubljana and Maribor (Slovenia), Behind the Doors Festival (Prague) and Živá ulice Festival, Pilsen (Czech Republic) 


The performance B.A.U.U. – Brigade of Urban and Human Harmonization is based on rhythm and body language and approaches the themes of alienation and identity, economic crisis and renaissance, incommunicability and spirit of collaboration.

The cast

The new cast is composed of high level professional artists: Federica Loredan, dancer, musician and body percussionist, Alberta Palmisano, dancer and choreographer in modern dance, Daouda Diabate, musician and dancer from Burkina Faso, Maria Paola Cordella, in the double role of director and interpreter, expert in dance theatre and trainer in social-cultural education, and Michèle Kramers, actress and historical director of the company, trainer in theatre for open spaces. The theatrical machines, true sculptures built out of scrap materials and used as musical instruments during the performance, were created by Puccio Savioli, actor, sculptor and set designer. The musical scores were composed by Alfredo Puglia, multi-instrumental musician, percussionist, expert in electronic music and bandleader cum vocalist of Arawak, one of the most promising reggae bands in Italy at the moment.  


Production: Theatre en vol

Direction: Maria Paola Cordella

Theatrical machines and accessories: Puccio Savioli

Soundscape and sound direction: Alfredo Puglia

Costumes: Claudia Spina

Light design: Edoardo Falchi

Sound design: Marco Palmas

Technical advice: Tony Grandi

Artists: Maria Paola Cordella, Diabate Daouda,

Federica Loredan, Michèle Kramers, Alberta Palmisano


For more detailed information please contact:

theatre en vol

Corso Vittorio Emanuele 99

07100 Sassari

tel. +39 079 4815550, cell. + 39 3357105396

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



performance description

 versione italiana


B.A.U.U Gallery

B.A.U.U Gallery


the full galley on flickr

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