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Buskovic Uolkin' Serenade - B.U.S - English version

Theatre en vol - BUS

Buskovic Uolkin’ Serenade arrives with its BUS from a completely unknown country. A unidentified nation, from which carismatic musicians come, sent as ambassadors from the 4 corners of the earth. They speak a hybrid language none knows, but everybody understands..

Buskovic Uolkin’ Serenade is a lighthearted and danceable parade, the result of the encounter between theatre en vol and “Sugubambu”, a highly versatile marchin’ brass band of big impact. The performance is part of theatre en vol’s research in the field of musical theatre, which began some years ago, due to the conviction that music represents a strong universal language. A faultless director and a quivering mistress of ceremonies guide the elegant yet crazy orchestra, whilst the eccentric assistant, armed with her little suitcase full of odd props, insists on turning the parade into a bizarre wedding procession, to which the audience is invited again and again. The performance unites theatre, music and choreography and sweeps the audience along following known and unknown paths, whilst very unexpected meeting becomes a motivation and an occasion to party.

Artistic project:
Theatre en vol

Maria Paola Cordella

Maria Paola Cordella, Alfredo Puglia, Valeria Vargiu
Laura Aramu (sopran sax), Michele Aramu (drums), Irene Coni (alto sax), Massimo Coni (tuba), Sofia Cotza (tenor sax), Alessandro Fanari (trombone), Paolo Murgia (bass drum)

performance description

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 versione italiana

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