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Phoenix - English version

Theatre en vol - PHOENIX

«... the town had a great sense of playfulness,
which we have lost ...»

Ladies and gentlemen, we invite you to look upwards to see a different town and to take part in a never-ending experiment of reinterpreting the urban space. Perceive the town from a different perspective and discover not only the varieties of its walls and roofs, but let yourself be drawn into a vertical world, in which the walls and roofs of this site become both the playground and a protagonist of the performance you are about to follow. Soon an eclectic group of actors and dancers will bring the hidden soul of this vertical world to life and reveal its stories, its dreams and nightmares, its songs and sounds. You will be guided on a mystery tour through intriguing atmospheres and festive celebrations and will share with your fellow spectators moments of suspense and joy.

Artistic project: theatre en vol

Direction: Michèle Kramers

Scenography: Puccio Savioli

Choreographies: Maria Paola Cordella

Costumes: Luisa Ledda

Performers: Puccio Savioli, Hector Gustavo Riondet, Anna Melchiorri, Manca Ursi

Soundscapes: Superprogress

  performance description

 versione italiana

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